Tuesday, August 24, 2021

LotFP House Rules


Ratfolk are a reskin of the Halfling class.

Ratfolk are a malevolent and diabolical race of humanoid rat-creatures that inhabit an underground empire, though that’s a strong word: Society is rooted in violence and skullduggery, and they survive off scavenging scrap. Ratfolk are cruel, treacherous, and numerous, and have spread far and wide, threatening to stomp out surface-dwellers with sheer numbers.

Ratfolk have an unwavering belief system that stems from promises made by a wholly evil god, the harbinger of corruption and disease. Ratfolk worship this god by encouraging anarchy and sedition among others, even other Ratfolk. As a people, they are extremely divided, and their drive to survive is surpassed only by their need to dominate others. They are, however, united in their hatred of the surface world and their goal of conquering it in the name of their god.

New Skills


You can spend a point of Luck to reroll any one die. You recover 1 point of Luck each time you naturally recover any number of hit points. The GM can have you roll Luck to determine whether you are in the right place at the right time.


A successful use of Medicine doubles the patient's recovery of hit points and ability scores for that day. If the patient has below half their hit points, you can instead apply first aid, which takes 10 minutes and restores 1d6 hit points.

At the GM’s discretion, you can apply first aid to a patient (but never yourself) within 1 minute of them dropping to zero hit points. If you succeed, they are still unconscious at zero hit points, but do not die unless they take additional damage.

You cannot treat a patient again until they naturally recover at least 1 hit point. If you have at least a 3 in 6 in Medicine, you can treat yourself as a patient.

Readying Equipment

You can designate 4 pieces of equipment as readied, meaning you can access them freely during combat. Unready equipment takes 1d3+1 rounds to access (3d6 rounds for oversized items).

Firearms Appendix

  • Flintlock: Default firing mechanism.
  • Bayonet: Costs 10 sp (25 sp rural) and takes 1 round to either fix to or detach from a musket. While fixed, the musket acts like a spear and shoots at a –2 penalty.
  • Caravan Clause: When a character uses an apostle and their player can name all 12 apostles within 30 seconds, reduce the time needed to reload a firearm by 2 rounds instead of 1.