Friday, September 10, 2021

LotFP Combat Quick Reference

General Maneuvers

  • Standard Attack: AB +0 and AC +0. 
  • Parry: For the round, AC +2.
  • Aiming: Spend full round aiming; no Dexterity modifier to AC. Ranged AB +4 next round. When firing into melee, may choose one participant to count as two.

Advanced Fighting

Fighters, Dwarves, and Elves only.

  • Offensive Fighting: For the round, AB +2 and AC −4. 
  • Defensive Fighting: For the round, AB −4 and AC +2.
  • Parry: For the round, AC +4 (instead of AC +2).

Special Maneuvers

  • Change Weapon and Attack: Drop current weapon and draw a new one, assuming easy access. AB –2 for the round. 
  • Charge and Attack: Move full rate and do double damage, but AC –2 for the round. Combatants who have not acted that round and have weapons that can receive a charge strike first and deal double damage. 
  • Take Cover: For ranged attacks against targets, –2 AB if they are in light cover and –4 AB if they are in heavy cover. For targets you cannot see (e.g., darkness, invisibility), –6 AB to all attacks. 
  • Fire a Gun: Ignore 5 points of armor and cause an immediate Morale check for all enemies with Morale 7 or less. 1 in 10 chance of misfire (2 in 6 in dampness, 4 in 6 in wetness). Takes 5 rounds to reload (3 for Fighters).
  • Fire into Melee: Dexterity modifier does not apply to AB or AC. Each participant in the melee has an equal chance of being hit. Large targets count as two participants. 
  • Hold an Action: Instead of taking an action on your turn, specify an action to take at any point before the end of the round. When the action is performed, it occurs simultaneously with other actions. 
  • Holy Water: Sprinkling in melee takes both hands and the whole round. Treat the target as AC 12. When thrown, treat as a rock. The vial bursts 75% of the time. Deals 1d8 damage to appropriate targets. 
  • Mounted Combat: Melee AB +1 and AC +1 vs footmen. Ranged AB –5. 
  • Oil and Fire: Target subjected to ignited oil suffers 1d4 damage. If damage roll is 4, Save vs Breath or suffer another 1d4 damage on next action. If that roll is also a 4, become engulfed, suffering 1d8 damage per round until fire is put out. 
  • Pursuit: Both sides roll 1d20 + slowest movement rate divided by 10. Highest roll wins.
  • Retrieve an Item: You can freely retrieve readied items. Unready items take 1d3+1 rounds to retrieve (3d6 if oversized). 
  • Spellcasting: Magic Users must have both hands free and cannot have 2+ encumbrance points. Clerics must have their holy symbol in one hand. Neither can cast spells in a round if they took damage earlier that round.
  • Unaware Target: For the attack, AB +2 and target loses Dexterity and shield modifier to AC. Multiply damage by Sneak Attack. If 2+ Sneak Attack, AB +4 instead.
  • Wrestling: Both combatants roll 1d20 + melee AB. Ties decided by Dexterity modifier, then reroll. Winner decides whether target is immobilized (another wrestling roll to escape) or disarmed (target Save vs Paralyze). When ganging up on one person, the combatant gets +1 per person helping them.