Thursday, September 2, 2021

Touch it With Your Eyes

The idea that you are supposed to read the entirety of the Pathfinder 2e Core Rulebook is ridiculous. Same goes for every other Pathfinder 2e rulebook, setting book, and Adventure Paths. It's a whole lot of reading you might never get the chance to capitalize on! Luckily, most of these are reference materials, and aren't made to be read in one setting. Most players who know the rules by heart learned them piecemeal, looking them up as they went.

But what if you do have to read it all? Possibilities that comes to mind are the gazetteers in Adventure Paths. If the players are spending all their time in a town or region (surely one of these entries will come up), or a particularly long and dry stretch of rules specific to your class. Even then, I don't recommend reading deeply—skim it with as shallow of an understanding as possible. But most importantly, make sure your eyes land on each and every word.

Like I said, even in the more narrative Pathfinder 2e products, you'll be flipping through them constantly. But if you've taken the time to just look at every section—not study or even comprehend, just look—you'll have instant neural pathways to those bits of information. "I think I remember seeing a spell that did that!" "Oh yeah, this town has an inn this NPC frequents!" "I know where that magic item is located, something to do with that one castle!"

Not only will you be using the books as intended, you'll be doing it much faster, and the information will stick better when it finally comes time to apply it at the table. Essentially, you're optimizing your Pathfinder 2e experience with little to know effort. It might still take your time, but pump some tunes, stare into that middle-distance, and just look, damn you! Your future self—rifling hurriedly through tomes and booklets—will thank you.